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Architectural Information
  • Building type: Gate Lodge
  • Date of construction: 1870's
  • Architect: Alexander Thompson
  • Listing: B
  • HB/SMR Ref: HB01/06/007
  • 2nd Survey by EHS: No
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Gate Lodge, Beech Hill, 30 Ardmore Road, Ballyshaskey

County Londonderry

Gate Lodge, Beech Hill, 30 Ardmore Road, Ballyshaskey

Tudor Gothic style 2 storey, 3 bay lodge. Recessed pointed arch doorways. Two dormer windows. Deep eaves. Carriage archway set with rectangular gateway with mansard roof. Blind dormer window set above coat of arms above arch

Building Stone Information

Stone Type Category: Schist
Primary Stone Type: Derry Schist
Secondary Stone Type: Barony Glen Sandstone
Other Stone Type:
Replacement Stone Type:
Stonework Construction: Coursed rubble
Stonework Condition: Schist is in reasonably good condition with fragmentation of isolated blocks only, dressing is also in good condition with mild granular disintegration and occasional flaking only
Condition Assessment (QUB): 1


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