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Larvikite is a granite-type rock of Permian age (around 280 million years old) and is still actively quarried in the Larvik area of Norway.

Larvikite is known by many different names including: Birds Eye Granite, Norwegian Pearl Granite, Blue Norwegian Moonstone and Royal Blue Pearl. Most commonly the lighter coloured variety is known as ‘Blue Pearl’ and the darker variety is called ‘Emerald Pearl’.

Despite the many ‘granite’ names for this rock type, Larvikite is not strictly a granite; it is a course-grained igneous rock known as SYENITE and is composed of mostly anorthoclase feldspar (at least 90%) with minor olivine and apatite. It is a very attractive and decorative stone when polished and is used widely as facing stone, worktops, plaques etc. Examples of use include the United Nations Building, New York and Harrods, London.