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Sicilian Marble

Sicilan Marble has been used since Roman times and is still quarried in various locations in Sicily. There are several different varieties ranging in colour from ivory to red, most varieties are variegated to some degree. However the term ‘Sicilian Marble’ was also sometimes used historically to refer to Carrara Marble which was at times shipped to the UK from Sicily. It is therefore difficult to be certain of the origin of something described as ‘Sicilian Marble’, the best indicator being colouration.

In the case of the Victoria monument at Belfast City Hall there are 2 varieties of marble used; a white marble on the statue and pedestal and a darker, variegated marble on the plinth. It seems likely that the statue itself is Carrara Marble, being a very pure white, whereas the plinth may indeed be Sicilian. The photographs used here are of the plinth.