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Derbi Church, Laloo

  •   Laloo, Lough Beg

Church ruin aligned East-West, remaining gables covered by trees and ivy. Visible stone only at base of West gable, narrow slit windows, no remains of dressing.

Stone Information

  • Stone Type Category :
  • Primary Stone:
  • Stonework Construction:
    Rough-coursed rubble
  • Stonework Condition:
    Visible stonework is in reasonably good condition but the majority is obscured by vegetation.
  • Condition Assessment (QUB):
    Stage 1 – A façade in this condition will only require localised remedial treatment concentrating on individual blocks. Stage 1 classification may also indicate that no intervention is needed with only periodic re-assessment of the façade is recommended.
  • OS Irish Grid (Easting):
  • OS Irish Grid (Northing):

Architect Information

  • Building Type:
  • Date of construction:
  • Listing:
  • HB/SMR Ref:
  • 2nd survey by EHS: