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Marble is limestone metamorphosed by the effects of great heat and pressure. It is a non-foliated metamorphic rock and retains the predominantly calcite mineralogy of the original limestone. Because of mineral impurities marble occurs in a wide range of colours including white or grey (Carrara Marble), green (Connemara Marble), and red (Rouge de Rance). Mineral impurities can also result in the presence of swirls or veins (Serpentine Marble).

The majority of marbles used in Northern Ireland are imported such as Carrara and Sicilian Marble from Italy and Savoy Serpentine Marble from France. Our most significant closest source occurs in Connemara in the Republic of Ireland. “Armagh Marble” which has been used in the Armagh area is in fact not a marble but local red limestone which has been polished.

Marble is generally used for statues, monuments, plaques and other decorative stonework.

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